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Mena Ceramics

I have been working with the medium of clay since 1997, when I studied art and design at Pembrokeshire college. 

My passion for clay started when I found I could fully express myself through it. Through this passion I then went on to study Fine Art Ceramics in Swansea Institute of Higher Education. I gained my BA hons in 2001. It was during my time in Swansea that I was able to explore the properties of clay more in-depth and discovered that porcelain had the best properties for the art I wanted to create.


My love of porcelain and my gorgeous Pembrokeshire coastal surroundings have amalgamated together to produce the beautiful and unique pieces of art.

All the pieces are made out of Porcelain Paper Clay allowing me to have the greater strength and translucency needed for impressing beach combed objects into the clay.

I now produce unique organic vessels of varying sizes from small tea lights to larger table lamps and wall up lights..


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Mena Ceramics

Ceramic Sycamore Seed Lampshade

A gorgeous ceramic shade on a oak base

Porcelain & Copper Necklace

Handmade porcelain bead necklace
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